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Whether you are looking for a commercial coffee machine or a coffee machine for the office or at home. Espressotech can help you find the best way to obtain fresh bean coffee.

Using freshly roasted coffee beans and grinding only what you require will help you achieve the perfect tasting coffee. A good quality grinder is a worthwhile investment for making great coffee at work or at home.

We also stock Bravilor Bonamat Dripulators and the TH-10, these provide delicious filter coffee in a quick, user friendly and low maintenace manner.

We pride ourselves on providing top quality coffee machines, grinders and accessories from reputable brands.

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The creaters at Nuova Simonelli did not want to offer a technology that simply explored, they wanted a system that could solve the problems of a coffee shop. With the VA388 Black Eagle they have acheived that and it guarantees a perfect espresso coffee made with maximum precision by ensuring total control at all stages of extraction. The barista just has to set the weight of the liquid in the cup for each blend. 

The Grravimetric technology installed on the professional VA388 coffee machine means that each espresso coffee can be made with the same ratio, ensuring a consistent brew.

The barista always has full control of each delivery, the quantity in the cup is always programmed and any difference between one delivery and the next is eliminated








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The S300 is a true super-automatic coffee machine designed to make great coffee in any situation.

It has the reliability, efficiency and resilience of any of the Rex Royal Automatic coffee machines.

Within the low maintenance 34cm casing there is a lot of power to produce fresh bean coffee at the push of a button.

The new console is designed for self service operation so it would be perfect for any office, room service or function centre.

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CaffeO Barista TS

Melitta's new fully automatic coffee machine, the Caffeo Barista, has been developed with a large measure of Barista knowledge. Coffee lovers will welcome the remarkable degree of diversity which it offers. In addition to the four “classic” specialties – espresso, café crème, cappuccino and latte macchiato
The Caffeo Barista is an impressive machine with its state-of-the-art design and high-quality finish. The chrome and high-grade steel elements are an effective contrast to the high-gloss surfaces.